Support Acarology at OSU

Acarology Scholarship Fund

The Acarology Scholarship Fund provides 4 scholarships ($1000 each) per year to students studing within the Acarology Department. Funds shall be used to support travel expenses for at least one undergraduate student participating in the WWII History Study Abroad program.Should the WWII Study Abroad program cease to exist, funds should be directed to scholarship support for a History major who has taken multiple courses in military history. Give to the Acarology Scholarship Fund.

George and Mildred Wharton Endowment for Acarology Fund

Established May 7, 1999, from friends and from the Wharton's estate. Income benefits the Acarology Laboratory in the Department of Entomology. Give to the George and Mildred Wharton Endowment for Acarology Fund.

The Acarology Development Foundation Endowment Fund

Established February 1, 2013 with gifts from the Acarology Development Foundation and its donors; used to provide up to three need-based scholarships per year to students training in acarology with preference given to those focusing on taxonomy. Give to the Acarology Development Foundation Endowment Fund.

The Hoogstraal Memorial Acarology Student Fund

Established May 5, 1995, by Catherine Hoogstraal Walker in memory of her brother Harry. Income supports acarology students, who are in good academic standing and require aid, studying at the University's Acarology Summer Program. Give to the 6Hoogstraal Memorial Acarology Student Fund.